45mm Railway at Highfields HQ

Our 45mm Railway is Overseen by Steven Andrews who is busy making a few additions 


Visitors to Highfields spoke of a passion for 45mm Locomotives and railway layouts - we have some space down by the sheds - so why not start another chapter in our Society.

14th June 2016

An area of Highfields, 16ft x 25ft in size and currently covered in brambles, is chosen as the site for the 45mm railway.


17th June 2016

Clearing the site is well underway and the first two posts on which the track will stand are in place.  These two posts will also be where the hinged track board will be allowing entry into the centre of the track.


18th June 2016

The brambles, and associated roots, are now cleared and a liner is found and laid out for size.


18th June 2016

Detail of the entry point to the centre of the track.  The track and base will be hinged at this point to allow entry without needing to bend down.


21st June 2016

The liner is taken up to allow the holes to be dug and the rest of the posts, that the track will rest on, to be inserted.


25th June 2016

All posts are now cemented in place and the liner can go down again.


25th June 2016

A few short hours (and following a freak hail shower) the liner is covered with what felt like 9000 wheelbarrow loads of tar scrapings.



5th July 2016

More tar scrapings are added to the floor and a heavy plate compactor to pack it down and give it a nice level


5th July 2016

Where has everyone gone?

More importantly, how do I stop this thing!!??


12th July 2016

The edge of the base, using the old railway lines which were recently replaced, are now welded in place around the inside and outside of the uprights.



14th July 2016

A late re-design sees  the introduction of an extra piece of track extending out and encompassing the tree.  Still needs some support at this point.


16th July 2016

Extra support for a spur line, which will go around the tree, is now in place.  The ply board will cover the hole area (going around the tree, of course) allowing for some scenic additions.


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Greenhead Park Railway now Open Saturdays 1 - 5 pm Subject to Weather and Staffing



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