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Founded in May 1919 as The Huddersfield and District Society of Model Engineers. It was founded by Mr W D Miller MBE and 5 others and by the end of 1919 had 55 members.


The chief interests of the Society were wireless, model yachting, general engineering and electricity.  The yachts used to sail on Redbook Reservoir near the Great Western Hotel above Marsden as well as Compensation Reservoir on the other side of the hill referred to as "Borshaw Whams".  The club met in the basement of the Huddersfield Technical College.


In 1927 The Huddersfield and District Society of Model Engineers had its name shortened to The Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers as it is known today.


In 1937 the Highfields Site was acquired and the Boating Pond was created by building up the sides of a former curling rink.  The work was completed on 2nd September 1939 and war was declared the next day, which severely curtailed any adventures for the Society.


1942 Mr Crowther of Crowthers Mills Longwood with members of the Society built a 120ft track in Greenhead Park refered to as "the up and down track".


1947 saw a railway track being built at Highfields approx 440ft long.  The track was at ground level but in later years raised up onto pillars.


1951 the wooden hut was moved to Highfields from Borshaw Whams and in 1953 was fitted with seats, heating and lighting to enable the Society to hold meetings on their own premises.  A station was built on the east side of the track and a tunnel constructed to house the rolling stock.  The society was still using Redbrook Reservoir for Yachting as the Highfields Pond was not deep enough.


In 1964 Miss J Dean of Marsh became the 250,000th Passenger on 18th July which was infact her 9th Birthday.  She was presented with an inscribed trophy by the Mayor and a box of chocolates almost too large for her to carry.  She said that "nothing like this has ever happened on my birthday before"


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